Sissel Morken Gullord is a norwegian musician, singer and artist. She lives in Biri with a view to the lake Mjøsa.

She is known as a passionate player of the Norwegian Bukkehorn and was headhunted to play in Disney's Frozen. She plays in "Lilyhammer" and recorded some tunes together with Steven Van Zandt, who wanted "the amazing norwegian horn" to be heard in the NRK/Netflix TVseries.

Sissel is representing "Norway" in the turn-based strategy-game Civilization VI with her music.
Sissel was awarded the Government work grant for three years from the Art Council Norway.
She plays the french horn, the bukkehorn, the wooden lur, the baroque horn and the classical natural horn. She sings traditional music, jazz, pop, rock, - she loves music and doesn't want to limit herself to one kind of style- she wants to play with them all!