Sissel Morken Gullord is a norwegian musician, singer and artist. She lives in Biri with a view to the lake Mjøsa.

She is known as a passionate player of the Norwegian Bukkehorn and was headhunted to play in Disney's Frozen. She plays in "Lilyhammer" and recorded some tunes together with Steven Van Zandt, who wanted "the amazing norwegian horn" to be heard in the NRK/Netflix TVseries.

Sissel is representing "Norway" in the turn-based strategy-game Civilization VI with her music.
Sissel was awarded the Government work grant for three years from the Art Council Norway in 2015.
She plays the french horn, the bukkehorn, the wooden lur, the baroque horn and the classical natural horn. She sings traditional music, jazz, pop, rock, - she loves music and doesn't want to limit herself to one kind of style- she wants to play with them all!




Curriculum Vitae


Personal details:

Name: Sissel Morken Gullord
Born: 08/29/1974
Status: married, two children (2008, 2003)
Address: Kårstad gård, Kragebergvegen 117, 2836 Biri, Norway
Phone: + 47 918 66 897
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2010 December: vienna horn studies with professor Hector McDonald, Vienna
2010 March: natural horn studies with professor Hector McDonald, Vienna
2002 October: natural horn studies with Rene Allen in Aachen, Germany
1998-2000: Master's degree of Music Performance, the Norwegian Academy of Music
1998 December: natural horn studies with Anthony Halstead, London
1995-1998: Music Education Program (2nd, 3rd and 4th years), the Norwegian Academy of Music
1993-1994: Music Education program (1st year), the Norwegian Academy of Music
1990-1993: Music / general, Tranberg Senior High School
Artistic work experience:
2019: featured artist under International Horn Society’s Symposium in Ghent, Belgium. Held soloconserts on the horn, singing, the wooden lur and bukkehorn, held my TEDxtalk, was a judge in the final of the natural horn competition and was a soloist with the Royal Belgian Guides. There we did the world premiere of an arrangement of my own work "Fra Kvitraggen" for bukkehorn and Symphonic Band.
2018: debut as a bigband-vocalist, studiorecording of my own project as vocalist/hornplayer, filmmusician in "TROLL- the Tale of a Tail", commission as composer for "Flåta 2020", artist in a big show in Livorno, Italy, together with Sissel Kyrkjebø
2017: played and sang for the King and the Queen of Norway, the Crownprince and the Crownprincess, the President of Parliament etc in the Parliament when the King and the Queen received their anniversary-gift from the Parliament, played and sang for the NB8meeting (Nordic/Baltic Parliaments Presidents), plays horn, bukehorn and lur in the danish game "Expeditions: Viking"
2016: Released my debutsingle as a singer, released "Norwegian Bukkehorn" on my own record label, playing the Norwegian Bukkehorn in Civilization 6, representing "Norway", was a judge at Landskappleiken, TVshowguest in NRK's "Sommeråpent" 16.07.16 and "Skibladner minutt for minutt", held workshop on Calling the cows at TEDxArendal
2015: invited to Walt Disney Animation Studios in Los Angeles, awarded the Government Work Grant from the Art Council Norway (3 years), debuted as a TEDxspeaker, this years "guest artist" in Bergen Cathedrals advent concerts. 
2014: soloist for the Nordic Council of Ministers, soloist for the Norwegian Parliament, soloist for the Constitution anniversary 1814 (Svennes), recorded music as a solist together with Steven Van Zandt for the TV series "Lilyhammer"
2013: soloist in Disneys "Frozen" (double oscarwinner, recordbreaking movie both worldwide as a movie and as the soundtrack on Billboard, Golden Globe etc), debuted and won in the National Competion in trad. music, soloist on NRK TV (national TV) after the Prime Ministers newyears speach 1st of January 2013. FolkLAB is released on NRK TV. TV about folkmusic in Norway, and I am interviewed and you can see and hear me play in the forest, in the field and in the church, soloist for the Nordic Council
2012: recording/filming for NRK TVs new programs: FolkLAB, debut as a vocalist in TRAKTOR, had also my debut of reading poems in Oslo Concerthouse and was conferensier in many concerts with Oslo Chamber Academy.
2011-: playing in TRAKTOR, an innovative contemporary ensemble
2009-2013 : playing in Oslo Chamber Academy. We played in Rheingau Musikfestival and Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival 2011. Two recordings.
1994-: I play and have played in a number of professional orchestras and ensembles. I am very pleased to work with different types of music and in different contexts. I have and have had various gigs and temporary positions in the following orchestras and ensembles:
The Norwegian National Opera, Concerto Copenhagen, Drottningholm Court Theatre Orchestra, Swedish Baroque Orchestra (Örebro), Wasaorkestern (Skåne), Barockorkestern (Stockholm), Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, The Norwegian Wind Ensemble, Oslo Sinfonietta, Oslo Baroque Orchestra, Barokkanerne, Corona Artis (Gothenburg), Kristiansand Chamber Orchestra, Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, The Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces, The Norwegian Armed Forces Band Western Norway, The Norwegian Armed Forces Band Southern Norway, The Norwegian Air Forces Band, Opera Nordfjord, Peer Gynt Chamber Orchestra, Sinfonietta Gjøvik and Lillehammer Wind Quintet.
I also play in other various complex orchestras and ensembles in the side of my concerts as a soloist.
In addition to this, I work as a studiomusician, and record music for CDs, film- and TV-production.
My artistic activities are described on www.gullord.no
Educational work experience:
I am a graduate teacher.
2016: examiner in principal instrument at the Senior High School Gjøvik
2014: teaching singing traditional folksongs, Gjøvik
2014: teaching singing traditional folksongs, Gjøvik 
2011-2012: hornteacher at the Senior High School Gjøvik
2008-2009: hornteacher at the Senior High School Gjøvik
2007-2008: principal hornteacher at the Hedmark University College
Autumn semester 2005: substitute brassteacher at the Kulturskolen Mjølkefabrikken, Østre Toten
1997-1999: hornteacher at Toneheim folkehøgskole
1994-1995: district musician in Lillehammer Wind Quintet and at Lillehammer musicschool (autumn 1994), traveled around the world for half a year (spring 1995)
1993: Conductor of His Majesty the King's Guard's Choir
1991-: Teaching of groups and individual musicians in bands and orchestras, in courses and seminars. Teacher of NMFs summer courses in Hordaland, Buskerud, Oppland and Akershus and Buskerud. Various temporary positions such as horn and brass teacher at music schools in Bærum, Akershus, Oslo and Lillehammer.
MFO Hedmark Oppland 2017: 25.000 NOK
Fund for Performing Artists 2016: 30.000 NOK
Council for Folkmusic and Folkdance 2016: 10.000 kr
Government Work Grant from the Art Council Norway 2015- 2017: 230.000 NOK pr. year
Travel- and continuing education grant from The Fund for performing artists 2014: 30.000 NOK
Performing- and production grant from Arts Council Norway (together with Camilla Granlien) 2013: 100.000 NOK
Fund for Performing Artists 2010: 6000 NOK
Work grant from Oppland County Council 2006-2008: 200.000 NOK
Fund for Performing Artists 2007: 20 000 NOK
Ludvig Skattums Endowment Gjøvik 2006: 3000 NOK
Oppland County Councils scholarship 2003: 21 000 NOK
Government grants for artists 2002: 23 000 NOK
Rettspresident Helge Klæstads Endowment 2001: 15 000 NOK
Shipowner Tom Wilhelmsens Scholarship 2001: 10 000 NOK
Fund for Performing Artists 2001: 20 000 NOK
Generalkrigskommissær Alf Mjøens Cultural Endowment 1999: 15 000 NOK
2018: TROLL- The Tale of a Tale
2017: Expeditions: Viking, I play horn, bukkehorn and lur through the whole soundtrack
2016: Civilization VI, I represent "Norway" with my playing on Norwegian Bukkehorn
2016: guest in the NRK TVshow Sommeråpent, NRK 1 on 16.07.16
2015: TEDxtalk "A Frozen Magical Journey from the Norwegian Mountains"
2014: Lilyhammer, NRK/Netflix, I play in the TVseries, recorded together with Steven Van Zandt
2014: Disney's Frozen
2013: Gåten Ragnarokk
2013: FolkLab NRK TVseries about Norwegian traditional music
2013: soloist after the Prime Ministers newyears speach on TV NRK 1 & NRK 2
2012: FolkLab NRK TVseries about Norwegian traditonal music

2011: Blåfjell 2- Jakten på det magiske horn

2011: NRK Documentary Brennpunkt "Hulefolket" NRK 1

2016: "Norwegian Bukkehorn", Sissel Morken Gullord
2016: "Et barn", single as singer, Jon Anders Narum guitar
2014: "Leipzig!", Oslo Chamber Academy
2013: "Etterskjelv", Christianssand Ensemble
2013: C. P. E. Bach symphonies, Barokkanerne
2012: Beethoven chamber music for winds, Oslo Chamber Academy 
2011: "Høyr kor englar syng", release 11th. of november 2011
2007: ”Horn”, Sissel Morken Gullord
2004: ”Sketches of Norway” by Trygve Madsen, The Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces
2002: “Shaker song”, The Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces
2000: "Faces", Oslo Sinfonietta (nominated for Grammy Award 2001)
2000: ”21 marches for the 21st century”, The Staff Band of the Norwegian Armeds Forces
Written work:
2006 -2007: freelance writer for newspapers and magazines like Nyhetsmagasinet Innlandet, Oppland Arbeiderblad, Gudbrandsdalen Dagningen and Ammenytt. Mainly larger feature articles, cultural and tourism affairs and portrait interviews.
2000: ”Naturperler og sikkerhetsventiler- hornets historiske utvikling”, master-thesis. Is to be found at the library at the Norwegian State Academy of Music.
Breastfeeding counsellor since 2009, board member of Norsk lur og bukkehornlag